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Amtrak Train Cake Ideas

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Amtrak is a national train company that travels to over 500 destinations in 46 states, according to Most major cities are served by Amtrak, and an Amtrak cross-country route is an all-American way to see the country. Create Amtrak train cakes in celebration for employees' birthdays, anni

Corporate Christmas Ideas

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The Christmas season is a time when corporations can show their employees how much they appreciate their work and loyalty. There different traditions that can be started and carried out annually that can be fun and memorable experiences. Whether your company is dealing with an unlimited budget or a

Edible Easter Gifts

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Think outside the basket when it comes to edible Easter gift ideas.easter tulip image by sumos from Fotolia.comIf you are tired of the same old chocolate and candy Easter gifts year in and year out, there are many other edible Easter gift options to explore. Freshen up the kids' Easter...