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Top German Language Learning Magazines

Reading articles and reports about a diversity of topics in German is a great way to find immersion in the language and greatly increases conversational and common grammar skills. This is why it is important that you enhance your German learning with the use of magazines.

Some of the best learners magazines for German learning will provide different levels of reading for beginners or for advanced learners. They are usually on a monthly issue and bring practical exercises for enhancing the language. These are some of the best German learner magazines:

Deutsch Perfekt presents itself as one of the best German learning tools. It includes reports from three countries: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It also includes vocabulary and explanations in every page. The magazine is promising as it will make you improve in your conversational and comprehension skills. It is basically the most popular German learning magazine due to its extensive sections that allow an almost complete immersion while performing other activities.

The Deutschland magazine is the international German magazine. Given its international nature, it can be easily accessed. It provides a nice German immersion as it provides insight into the German way of living.

If you want to have a nice blend of German politics, national and international affairs, along with investigative journalism, then Spiegel is a great choice to enhance your German learning. It is a pretty informative German magazine that also includes comprehensive news add in current events.

The Scholastic German Magazines are a great source for immersing the youngest kids into efficient German learning. They include articles on German life, pop culture, and traditions. They provide the young learner a great insight into the German language and culture.

Zeit Weissen is especially designed for those who love science and scientific discoveries. Recommended to those learners that plan on having a career in the scientific field using the German language.

There is also a space for those that enjoy fashion. Elle ( is a female beauty journal with tips on fashion and beauty. Nice way to immerse into the language while enjoying beauty tips.

The week in Germany is a German magazine issued by the German embassy in the US. The great feature it has for your German learning is that you can read it both in English and in German. This could work as a great way for assessing yourself as you practice reading German.

With a rather light German tone, but good for beginners, Stern is a very well-known magazine that focuses on German cultural coverage and profiles of prominent German people. They also include some political articles to help you stay up-to-date with events in Germany.

Focus has become a very popular German magazine for learners. Its articles are mostly about economics and politics. Their articles have a rather short format which is great if what you are looking for is a little vocabulary practice.

Reading is one great way to immerse yourself into the German language. What a better way to get quality reading while learning about German culture, news, economy, politics, and fashion than through educational German magazines.

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