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The Role Of Social Media Director For The Year Ahead.

As A Social Media Expert, What other expertise you would require?

A large chunk of companies are planning a Social Media Marketing Strategy this year and since Social Media Marketing budgets are on the ascent; finding a job in social media is not a Herculean task anymore. The New Year has a new posting that of Social Media Director it has many names and has become the place to be in.

If you notice the requirements of companies hiring and the job descriptions you would understand that Social Media is all over the market. Although most of us have become good at being social, the newer entrants in the social media roles will require more than social media expertise as the business has come to the social web.

The role of a Social Media Director for 2010

Business though big or small often gets caught in process models that are outdated but still keep using it. The reason could be from fear of changing that could cause failures or expectation of past success stories. Whatever may be the reason our brain has been programmed to repeat and re-do things again. The culture becomes a novice when a new business has to be brought to the web. Larger businesses are often the ones to get hit under the belt as their past has many pages of success stories, there is more to lose invariably more to fear treading new pathways and less chances of winning time and again.

The role of a Social Media Director varies from a role model, a leader, a teacher, a friend, guide, entrepreneur and much more than these entire put together. If you require that a company engulfs the social web; a few roles could make you the best if you use then as your plan of action in day-to-day life.

A.Role Model: people who listen are loved by all. Being a good listener allows you to get the complete conversation of the speaker and if you could communicate with authenticity, things would work in your favor. Remember not to be bossy and try to take control of the conversation rather actively participate and choose your referrals well.
B.Love the product: Unless you show that ardor and love for your product and customers, will you be able be protective about its origin and heritage.
C.Become a Follower: Do not stalk people rather get to know the ones who work there so that you can find the champs and study the culture movements, learning and thoughts.
D.Be About ROI: Get to know the business well to take care of it financially and economically.
E.Be a bridge not a wall: Working towards open silos to communicate internally at highest of speeds can do you a great deal of good.
F.Include: Enroll Marketing and Public Relations to assist in building strong, consistent and the real voice between the company and the customers.
G.Strategy Works Best: A strategic plan of goals and measurements on customers who honestly support the budding product offers, customer base and relationships between are need to be written.
H.Focus: Utilize online tools; test them with tact only after you have reached the set target.
I.Innovation is the key: It pays to integrate social business offline and online
J.Build Your Community: Make things look Easier, Love whatever you are assigned to do, make it fun and meaningful to complete tasks with lan.

These strategies can work wonders if you look through them and analyze the types of roles expected of you. You would need to be a strategist, change manager, brand manager, marketing manager, community builder, cheerleader, business developer, corporate trainer and a social media professional who can utilize the social media data, tools and measurements effectively.

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