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Tips on Passing the GED Test


    • The most basic strategy that you need to use when preparing for the GED is study. There are a number of options available to you in this regard. The most basic option is to obtain a self-guided study course or program.

      There are some different types of self-guided GED prep options. There are study guides and related texts that can be purchased at most major booksellers online. There are also a variety of online self-guided study courses that you can take advantage of as well. You can obtain information about different options in this regard from the GED Online Community at

      Beyond self-directed study, there are also GED prep classes. Many people preparing for the GED find participating in these types of sessions to be helpful because of the presence of other individuals with a common objective. In addition to learning more about the GED in a classroom setting, you likely will also be able to connect with other individuals with whom you can study in advance of the examination.

    Test Familiarization

    • In addition to studying the different subjects that make up the GED--math, reading comprehension, composition, social studies, geography, science--you will also want to make sure you familiarize yourself with GED test format itself by taking practice examinations.

      The standard study guide will include several different practice exams that you can take as part of your overall preparation process. In addition, most classroom-based prep programs include the taking of at least one practice examination.

      By familiarizing yourself with the examination form before you take the actual test you will be eliminating at least some of the anxiety associated with the GED, because you will have a basic understanding of the content and format of the test.

    Rest and Diet

    • Many people overlook the importance of proper rest and an appropriate diet leading up to the taking of a standardized test like the GED. Indeed, many people end up "cramming" in the days leading up to the GED. They do not get proper sleep, and they do not eat proper meals. You want to be physically prepared for the test as well as mentally to perform to your best. In the week leading up to the examination, study a proper amount--but do not overdo it. Get plenty of sleep. Eat healthy foods. Drink healthy beverages, including plenty of water.

    Test Day Strategies

    • When the proverbial "big day" arrives, there are some additional strategies that you will want to keep in mind as well. First, arrive at the test site early. By doing so you can register before the rush. Additionally, you will be in the best position to be able to stake out a desk in the examination room at which you will be most comfortable.

      Second, you will encounter questions during the test to which you simply will not know the answer. Although you may be inclined to stew over the question for a while, your best bet is to move on. Do not permit yourself to get too bogged down over one question. Give the most appropriate answer you can in a reasonable period of time and move on.

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