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How to Gain Confidence and Get Over Being Shy

You will find that there are many people in the world today that do not lack self confidence but are very shy.
This shyness is so overwhelming that it makes them look like they have no confidence at all.
Learning how to overcome this shyness is a process that can very well take time, but it is well worth the time.
Repetition is a big factor in learning how to gain confidence by overcoming shyness.
You have to literally make yourself believe that every morning you get out of bed, you are going to have a great day.
No matter what comes your way that day, you are going to be able to handle any situation.
Repeating to yourself that the day is going to be wonderful at least 10 times a day in front of a mirror, will surprisingly give you great results.
This enthusiasm sinks into your sub-conscious mind and helps to determine the attitude that you will start your day with.
Another way on how to gain confidence is by making your appearance stand out.
Even if you are going to the grocery store, take pride in the way that you look.
Dress up and look your best.
This will not only build your confidence but will make you feel good about yourself.
When you feel good, it gives you a feeling of wanting to share, which will take over that shyness that you may often experience.
You can also make sure that you take at least one risk a day.
This does not mean that you go bungee jumping or jump out of a plane.
Risks can be visiting a friend that you may feel a little intimidated by or going to a place that is always crowded with people such as a shopping mall.
Determining what circumstances happen in your life that affect yourself confidence and experiencing them head on, can help you learn how to gain confidence.
Once you have conquered a specific risk, you come to find out that the experience wasn't so bad.
Therapists always tell you that you must face your fears in order to get over them.
This applies to learning how to gain confidence as well.
Getting yourself out of your comfort zone will help make you more confident but should be done in baby steps.
You do not want to overwhelm yourself by trying to conquer all of your shyness traits at once.
Engage in activities that you love, and that you feel you are good at.
Talk with people that you know and try to expand your relationship level by meeting new friends.
Take advantage of the many resources that you have available on the internet in order to help give you many more techniques on how you can build your confidence.

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