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How To Do A Direct Marketing Campaign For Very Low Cost And With Great Results?

In todays digital age, postcards can be cheap to produce, (I just printed some for my business for $147 for 500 postcards) and they can be effectively tested, or changed quickly to test different messages with digital printing, with the ability to produce outstanding results.

You see the advantage of postcards is that when you mail them to a list of potential customers, they dont have a choice but to view whats on them when they are received. Unlike an envelope with a name and address on the front, a postcard has a message and a picture. If you like the phrase a picture tells a thousand words, then nothing is truer than this with postcard marketing.

As a cost efficient exercise, the cost works out relatively the same as a letter, however it is more in your face and if your message follows the rules of advertising, catching the receivers interest and desire and your offer is good, your chances of success are increased.

With a traditional letter campaign, you may have to put in a company brochure first and a letter, stuff envelopes etc etc however a postcard does away with all this.

In my last campaign I sent 100 postcards out and followed up those potential customers with a phone call. Of course I had planned to do that anyway, but this was the best way in my business.

In your business it might be about driving a customer to a website, or a toll free phone number as part of your call to action. My results were outstanding. One new sale in the first day, for $5,495 and another within 2 days for $14,995. I am still following up more of the list of prospects so the results are still coming in.

Not a bad result for $147 and about $70 in postage. And I still have 400 cards left.

Postcards can also be used as a letterbox drop for a small test area to see if your offer works well and can be used for all types of business, such as tradespeople, retailers, or anyone that gets their business from a small radius.

A catchy headline is the most important thing and a high quality image on the front. If you would like more helpful tips go to our website and check out our blog for more information. Or if you are looking for specific coaching for your business leave a reply on one of our blog posts..

Good luck with your marketing.

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