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Top Financial Apps for Android for 2013

This list of personal finance apps for Android phones and tablets is organized by the type of app, from general personal finance to income tax apps and more. While most of the apps help you manage your money, there are some that help you save money, too.

Many of these have been collected from the monthly Top Android Apps lists, while others are tested money management apps that help you to keep up to date on your every day finances. I'll be adding to this list as I discover new apps each month, if not even more frequently.

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Budgeting Apps

So many people start off the year with a general plan to keep a budget so they can see where their money is going and so they can save a few dollars by being more aware of spending patterns. The Top Android Apps for January, 2013 focused on the best apps for budgeting. These apps help you with setting up budget categories, keeping an eye on daily budget balances (if you enter transactions daily) and have great graphic reports. One app even lets you store photos of receipts with transactions while another uses envelope budgeting concepts. Some Android budgeting apps sync with online or desktop software.

Get Rid of Debt

These apps organize your loads and other debts all in one place, then choose a debt pay off strategies and then track your debt reduction progress.

Income Tax Preparation Apps

Out of the Top 5 Android Tax Apps, three can actually be used to complete and e-file a U.S. income tax return and the two remaining apps bring tools together that make doing your own taxes easier. Tax apps for Android phones typically only work for simpler returns because of limited screen real estate, but there are apps that work on Android tablets that can handle just about any personal tax return.

Real Estate Apps for Home and Apartment Shopping

Looking for a house or apartment to rent or to buy is very time consuming and stressful, even if you have a real estate agent searching for properties for you. Finding the right home takes a lot of research and while there are plenty of websites that help with that, it's not always convenient to be on a computer when you're out looking for a home (especially if you don't have a wifi hot spot). These four Android apps can be used anywhere, any time and have phenomenal features for finding the perfect house or apartment, whether you buy or rent.

Mobile Banking Apps

These apps make it easy to move money, pay bills and check account balances. Here are my picks for the top three banking apps: Chase Bank, Discover and E*Trade.

Find the Cheapest Gas

Gas prices almost never go down, at least not drastically. Here are four Android apps that will locate the cheapest gas in just about any location in the U.S.

Split Bills, Share Expenses, Track IOUs

Splitting bills and following up with people who owe you money can be a hassle. These Android apps take the hassle out of sharing group expenses and keeping track of how much money people owe you, and how much you owe.

General Personal Finance Apps

If you're looking for an app that does a number of personal financial tasks instead of having a primary purpose, you'll probably find what you're looking for with one of these apps:

Savings Goals Tracking and Planning

Here are my picks for the best Android apps that help you plan to save for big expenses or to build an emergency savings account. These apps tell you how much you need to save by what date to reach your savings goals, then they track your progress, which is a strong motivator to stick to your plan.

Find Shopping Deals and Free Shipping

Mobile apps that work to keep more money in your wallet are getting more and more creative all the time. These Android apps save you money by giving you the information you need to return purchases that you don't want or need on time so you get a refund. Some apps also notify you of price drops for items you bought so you can go back to the store to get a refund on the price difference, depending on store policy, of course.

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