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Travelling in Ireland

If you have already landed in Belfast or Dublin Airport from Paris, or for that matter, from London, you must already be making your plans of visiting the nook and corner of Ireland, to explore the rare natural beauties that this country claims to offer.
Well, getting about in Ireland is not a challenge at all, provided some element of study or planning has been done on this aspect.
Know one thing - You are never far away from any mode of transportation in Ireland; it is just that you need to know, which mode can help you in getting about in Ireland, the fastest.
It is widely believed that air travel or rail travel in parts of Northern Ireland could be an expensive affair.
Visitors are thus recommended to use the car to visit places in Northern Ireland.
Since Ireland follows a left-drive policy, much the same as some European countries, this wouldn't be a tough ordeal for most visitors.
Getting about in Ireland has a rather peculiar problem.
If you get stuck in a village or a far off place without any mode of transport to ferry you back to the hotel, you must make a decision fast.
You could probably take something that could fetch you to the nearest city.
Most cities in Ireland are well connected by rail, road and by air.
If you intend to drive a car all by yourself in Ireland, make sure you follow the road safety rules.
Not doing so, could result in your trip to Ireland culminating in the hospital bed.
Travel light is the advice and yes, that implies to the luggage you carry in your hands, and on your wallets too.
This is not to say that you got to pack your wallet with all the cards you have.
Carry some spare cash, enough for you to last your travel.
If you are going to visit remote places, given their scenic beauty, you may want to stock up some sandwiches and fluids.
Having a map of directions to the place is always going to be handy for you, as it would help you track the locations easily.
Getting about in Ireland is not going to be tough at all for you, provided you are able to follow basic directions and rules.
This especially applies if you are driving a car in Ireland.
But most importantly, whatever mode of travel you choose, you must ensure that the mode of travel gets you to the place you want to go, quickly.

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