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Make That Fashion Overhaul and Get a Fresh New Look

When was the last time you looked long and hard in the mirror just to see and appreciate the way you look? Perhaps you haven't done that for quite some time already since there's nothing new to see. If you have been so used to how you look like and think that there is nothing else that can be done to improve it, then listen closely as what you need is a fashion overhaul. Hope has not yet withered as there are fashion remedies which you can start doing in order to bring out the new you. Read on to find out how.

Begin with your clothes
The clothes that you wear says a lot about you, your personality and your taste in fashion, and during times when things have become boring to say the least, then perhaps it is your time that you examine and re-evaluate the contents of your closet. What you can do is to group them together into the following:

1. For dry cleaning - regardless if your clothes do not smell that match and no shadow or hint of stains are present, as long as there is a weird smell then you need to have them dry-cleaned. It will only cost you a little and the returns are fabulous.

2. Seamstress alert - next thing you should do is to carefully

3. Check and examine all your clothes and sort out the ones that have broken zippers, damaged hems and even the ones that fit too large for you already. Compile them all together and have them fixed by an experienced seamstress so you won't have to throw them away and save money from spending on new ones.

4. Saying goodbye to the old - you may be surprised to see some clothes in your closet which are too old already and you have not worn for a long period of time. What you must do is to take them all out and give them away if they are still in good condition. There is a reason why you are not wearing them already, it could be that they no longer fit you and if the reason why you are not yet letting go of them involve sentimental reasons, then you really should let them go and part from them.

5. Those that no longer fit - clothes that no longer fit you and have been staying inside your closet for a very long time should be discarded. They only take up space and trust us, you will no longer want to wear them even if you lost some weight.

6. Rejuvenate your closet and yourself - now that you have discarded those that you no longer need and made room for new clothes, then it is time for you to shop. But don't just get the ones that catch your attention, start by getting yourself clothes that sport light colors that are easy and refreshing on the eyes. Do away with black and other very dark colors since what you want is a very refreshing look.

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