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Best Places to Buy Your Golf Equipment

It was my opinion that purchasing golf equipment from a golf course pro shop was never a good idea.
I also believed that trading old clubs for new one was a good way to get good deals on equipment.
Being employed in a pro shop helped me understand that I was incorrect in both assumptions.
I learned a lot about buying and selling golf clubs and I want to let you in on the secrets that I learned.
Something you need to understand is that at any place at any time you could find an excellent deal on equipment.
A place you should buy from all the time doesn't exist.
Retail stores have great deals on clubs, as do pro shops.
But sometimes the best place to go for that club you've been wanting is around the corner at a garage sale or at your neighbors who is selling her husbands golf clubs.
The point is you have to look around and see what is out there.
If you stay up do date on current retail prices for golf clubs, you will be able to spot a good deal from a mile away.
One of the best places I have found to go shopping for you golfing needs is online.
I believe this is probably your best bet when it comes to getting great deals on popular clubs.
eBay has excellent deals.
eBay sets the tone for all other used and new golf clubs.
You can find out how much your used equipment is worth by going to the PGA Value Guide and searching for your club.
This value guide is based on transactions from eBay.
The bad thing is that most used golf equipment is not worth very much.
The good thing is that you can buy this used golf equipment for a very cheap price.
By used I don't mean old persimmon drivers.
If you hit a driver 1 time, it is considered used.
One lesson to be learned here is to never trade in your used clubs for new equipment.
Selling it on eBay is your best bet.
Don't just settle on one place to be your primary golf equipment source, always go with the cheapest source.
The only good thing about sticking to one source is that frequent buyers usually get a discounted golf equipment.
This mean you will have to pay more at first, and you don't want to do that.
So remember, shop around for your golf equipment and don't trade it in.

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