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Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks Cheats

    Main Screen Codes

    • At the main screen, type in any of the following codes to access certain characters or play Mortal Kombat 2. Press X, Up, L, R, Left, Right then X to play as Scorpion in adventure mode. Then to play as Sub-Zero in adventure mode, press X, Down, Up, L, L, Up, and X at the main screen. Then to play Mortal Kombat 2 simply press X. Up, Down, Right, Left, Black, and X.

    Free Experience Points

    • This cheat has to be accessed by building high combo levels. At a random interval of 10 combos, instead of hearing the announcer say "Oustanding," "Superb," and so forth he will say "Toasty." When he says this phrase, press start quickly and the screen will flash with the words "Toasty! 1000 Pts." and you will receive free 1000 points of experience.

    Free Health at Ko-op Mode's Save Point

    • First play in "Ko-op" mode. Then find and continually activate a save point numerous times. As you activate the save point your health will be increased. This is a glitch which will allow you to regenerate your health to full without having to heal through the game's regular methods.

    Infinite Experience Points in Ko-op

    • Play "Ko-op" mode and go to the living forest. Kill one golem and try to lead the other one unharmed and against the wall. Once you have effectively pinned it there, simply keep tapping the "X" button. The golem's shield won't break and will not lose health. Every 10 "Ko-op" combo points you will gain an experience multiplier. As long as you do not stop attacking, your experience points will be raised indefinitely.

    Wu Shi Academy Infinite Experience Points

    • In single player mode, enter the Wu Shi Academy. Play it until you meet Cage, who opens the armory. Do not get the weapon and the health increase. Instead, stay in the area where Cage is, which spawns Tarkata infinitely in groups of three. Simply combo attack one, give a "Fatality" to the second, and kill of the third one with Cage. Ever combo and fatality will net you 500 points.

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