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Daily Practice For Consistent Dating Improvement

Here's quick, daily practice that can quickly propel you into the upper echelons of natural game.
It does require some daily field work, and it does require doing nightly "home work.
" While it's not a magic bullet, when practiced consistently it will significantly improve your social skills, going from wherever you are now, to miles ahead of most guys.
Before we get into the particular technique, is crucial to see game as a collection of skills, rather than some kind of "thing" that you learn once.
Unlike riding a bike, which is pretty simple and involves you and an inanimate object, any kind of communication skill requires the ability to think, and respond, "in the moment.
" So instead of thinking of game like learning to tie your shoes, or ride a bike, think of it like martial arts.
Just like a martial artist needs to practice a lot before they become proficient in their ability to handle pretty much any opponent, you'll need to practice your game a lot in order to handle pretty much any girl you talk to.
The good news is that a lot of this "practice' can take place inside your own head.
Start off by going out in the "field" whatever that means to you.
Grocery store, book store, club, wherever.
Then interact with girls at whatever your current level of comfort is.
If that means number closing, great.
If that means walking down the supermarket aisle where there's a hot girl, and making brief eye contact, great.
Whatever is you are comfortable doing, just go out and do it.
That's part one.
Part two is when you go home later that evening, and imagine the smallest, incremental change towards better game you can imagine, in that particular situation.
For example, if you are comfortable making eye contact in the supermarket, the next step would be to make eye contact and smile.
Come up with whatever "next step" scenario, and imagine it in your mind as if that's what you actually did.
So in your daily life, for example, you'd go to the supermarket and make eye contact.
Then later that night, you'd imagine that you made eye contact and smiled.
While you imagine that scenario, imagine it from a couple of perspectives.
Associated, through your own eyes, dissociated, looking at yourself.
While you're imagining, conjure up some really good emotions.
Really appreciate the "new" imagination.
Then simply go out the next day, and do whatever is natural.
Don't force any changes.
Only do what's natural.
Sure, you'll still only feel comfortable making eye contact.
But if you continue to "re-imagine" doing something a little bit more, every single night, pretty soon what you feel "natural" doing will be more and more conducive to building and enjoying wonderful relationships.
Without forcing yourself, or getting "pumped up" or needing to rely on any kind of tricks or techniques.
With daily practice, of both inner and outer game, you'll slowly change from where you are, to where you want to be.
All while feeling natural and comfortable.

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