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Emergency Evacuation

Everyone some time in their life will experience some type of disaster or emergency situation.
Being prepared for that emergency will give you a better chance for survival and make enduring the hardship much easier.
In some dangerous situations you can remain in your home to wait out the emergency.
There are however many situations in which you will be forced to evacuate your home.
This article will not only aid you in an evacuation plan, but also help you carry it out in an orderly fashion.
The following is a list of the reasons you should evacuate your home:
  • A chemical spill in the area
  • Flooding or tropical storm warnings
  • Fire in the area
  • Your home has been severely damaged
  • Local officials tell you to leave the area
Remember to take with you any necessary prescriptions or additional items that an infant may need.
Some of these items can include snacks, formula, bottles, diapers and wet wipes.
Older children would also enjoy some extra type of activities to do.
Things that might interest them would include games, books and small toys.
If these simple items are stored in the kits this will save a lot of time in the exit process.
Of course there are extra items an adult may want to take with them also.
Some of these items include the following: extra contacts and solution, glasses, important documents, insurance policies, passports, certificates, bank and credit cards and important telephone numbers.
Don't forget about any pets you may be leaving behind.
Animals left alone for long periods of time will end up going to look for food and end up getting lost or hurt.
Before leaving your home make sure each person in your family is wearing appropriate clothing for the weather and sturdy walking shoes.
Always remember to lock up your home and follow designated travel routes outlined by officials.
In emergency situations time is of the essence so do not take short cuts in your evacuation process.
These routes may be unsafe and end up taking you longer to evacuate.
In emergency situations time is everything.
If the local authorities inform you to evacuate your home, evacuate immediately.
If time permits make certain to grab a few items that will make your stay away from home a more pleasant one.
If you have time, grab your portable disaster kits or 72 hour survival kits.
It is highly recommended that these kits are easy to find and very accessible to take if leaving in a hurry.
It is recommended they are stored in a closet by the exit or in a garage.

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