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Spring Fling

Spring is literally bustin' out all over.
Beautiful flowering trees and bushes decorate the landscapes around us as do the early flowering blooms of daffodils, tulips and other spring flowers.
This is my favorite time of year because everything is new, fresh and alive, certainly a contrast from the rather dreary dormant winter.
Perhaps you share my feelings about spring.
This is a great time for planting in anticipation of the long growing season of summer and fall.
It might be that you're about to undertake various tasks of spring cleaning - your garage, closets, drawers or even the yard debris that accumulated over the winter months.
All of this is important in the physical realm of our existence.
It has long been known that in order for new growth to emerge with ease, it is important to clear away the debris.
People generally look forward to seeing the first specks of color dotting the landscapes that herald the oncoming of spring.
It is refreshing and uplifting to most people as they realize the long winter is about to be left behind in favor of warm days and outdoor time once again.
So let me ask you this.
"Are you blooming? Are you bustin' out all over with your brilliance? Are you alive with excitement for all that your life is bringing to you right now?" If you are in this place I applaud you, but if you don't feel that daily excitement for your life, I invite you to read further and find out how to know this kind of living.
As an individual becomes aware of their life purpose, their internal seams feel as if they are continually bustin' out all over.
It's not that every day brings big changes or opportunities, but every day is an exciting step toward furthering their purpose.
Your life purpose is the inborn unique gift you came into this life experience to share with the world, and this purpose is the most important reason for your existence.
It will literally transform your life from the inside out! You see, the joy and happiness that you and most individuals continually seek to experience, is something that must be created from within each person.
An everlasting happiness cannot be brought to you from anything or anyone outside of you.
Finding your soulmate for example, as wonderful as that can be, does not bring you internal happiness.
Although the connection to that person can certainly add a great deal of happiness to your life, it is not what creates your happiness.
Things can change oftentimes during our life experience, particularly in relationships, and they can sometimes change in the blink of an eye.
What was once the epitome of a happy relationship can be altered by one moment in time, one choice, one behavior.
However, knowing that your happiness is guaranteed to last when it comes from within you is quite comforting to know.
People long for security and want to feel safe, but the only thing that is really secure and keeps you excited about life is what you are giving back of you from love.
So that brings me back to understanding and actively moving forward with your purpose in life.
What is purpose? Purpose is that inner passion - something that you love and feel genuinely excited about doing and giving.
It also involves helping others which is the noblest of responsibilities.
It may not even have a paycheck attached to it as you begin doing it, but at some point it probably will.
And it literally becomes your life so that it is impossible to detect where the person and the work begin or end - all is combined as one whole.
Perhaps you're wondering how to discover your purpose if it's so important for your life.
You may have a great job but it doesn't fill you up, it simply pays your bills.
It is of course necessary to pay your bills, but if your job isn't filling you up with excitement and creativity, then it cannot be your purpose.
Look back over your life up to now.
What lessons or experiences have helped you grow and become a stronger individual: illness, job loss or changes, divorce, death of a loved one, empty nest, or narrow escape? Perhaps part of your purpose is to help others as they go through similar journeys so that they have support and wisdom from you.
I know without a shadow of doubt that the illness I experienced 13 years ago, and the eventual healing that I created within me, was in preparation to help many on their path to wholeness in all dimensions.
Without the experience I wouldn't have the knowledge or insights to help these individuals.
Ask yourself what you absolutely love to do, you know, what brings a real smile to your face? These answers can possibly direct you toward your purpose for being here.
In my book, "The Realness of a Woman," I devote an entire chapter to finding your life purpose.
It includes an exercise with 24 questions that can help you uncover your passion, and I use this often as I coach individuals who want direction in their life.
Another way to find your purpose might be to sit quietly and ask for divine guidance.
Ask God to help you discover what your purpose is and always express your willingness to move forward once you know that direction.
When you ask, it is given, all in divine timing! Understand that your purpose can change from time to time, although I've found that each step builds from the last one and is totally connected.
Moving in another direction simply means you're growing, and growth is vitally important for living your potential.
This is the most important thing you can ever do for your life, and as I said, it will literally become your life.
This is how you obtain true happiness and contentment in your life, and what makes you jump out of bed in the morning with excitement for another day to live your purpose.
I implore you to find your purpose and then take action to move forward with it.
It will change your life in every way! If you're feeling lost or stuck and need some guidance, perhaps it would be good to seek out a spiritual wholeness coach who can help you.
Don't let another day go by without taking that life-changing step to find your purpose.

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