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How to Make a Big Impact in Your First Job Interview

Interview is a big day for any job seeker. An interview can be overwhelming and challenging for any candidate. Regardless to whether you are looking for graduate jobs or have substantial experience and are seeking career transition, interview may make you feel nervous. However, do your best to prepare well for the ÔéČbig day', and you will win half the battle. For this, you will need to give an inside look to an interview process.

Spend some time to review the information about the interview preparation, and follow the tips discussed here to be ready to go head to head with any interviewer and set you apart from other candidates for the interview. A lasting impression will certainly make the interviewer think positively about your candidature. He can recall you while going back through the resumes and his interview notes. This will make him call you for the next round of interview or offer you the job. Following are the tips for your help.

Be Prepared With the Frequently Asked Questions

Although, Internet is accessible to all of us, rarely people find it necessary to find out the questions asked frequently during an interview. You can ask your friends and acquaintances to help you with some common questions. If you have the list of common interview questions, a potential employer may ask, try give a thought to the way, you can answer those questions. One of the tricky questions, you should find an answer to is, what are your strengths and weaknesses.

Carry Copies of the Resume

Usually, an interviewer keeps a resume in his hand for reference, while he is interviewing you. The reason behind this is that it helps a recruiter to ask you prompt questions as well as cross verify the information provided by you. However, in case a panel is interviewing you, they share a copy of resume, carry some extra copies, just in case each of the panel member requires one.

Research about the Employer and Ask Questions

One of the dreadful situation during an interview is the closing question from the interviewer, 'do you have any questions for me?'. It is a myth that asking questions make you feel stupid, rather not asking does. So do your homework, be prepared and organised with some valid questions about the business, such as how will the job work,how do you fit in the organisational structure, what are the general responsibilities of the job position, and so on.

Your undergraduate student resume or a professional resume may have been selected through the screening procedure. You can refer to example student resume to build a winning resume, but the next step is quite daunting and that is the interview. Are you nervous about appearing for your first job interview? Well, like anyone else, if you too are looking to make a big impact in your job interview, you need to follow the above given tips.

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