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What is the Best Type of Decorative Mirror?

Mirrors are another home accent that is functional as well as decorative.
Mirrors can be used to reflect light, images or simply add a little radiance to your space.
One of the biggest advantages to using mirrors as a part of your décor is a mirror's ability to make a room appear larger! Mirrors can be placed in high traffic areas in hopes of allowing you and your guests a glimpse of your reflection as you come and go.
Mirrors can also be used to reflect an amazing or interesting view, perhaps the view of the lake in your backyard.
As you can see, a decorative mirror can serve several purposes in any room in your home.
Framed Mirrors: Are they the best choice in decorative mirrors? When selecting framed mirrors, one of the first things you must do is consider your other pieces of furniture.
If your living room has furniture that has silver accents, you would want to select a mirror with a silver frame.
These mirrors are available in an assortment of styles, shapes and colors.
These mirrors also work well with a variety of home décor styles.
However, using a certain "styled" mirror in a décor style that is totally different can also add glamour to any room.
Mirror frames are available in a large variety of finishes such as: -Antique gold -Black -White -Metal or metallic -Traditional Woods This makes it pretty simple to match your framed mirror to your home décor.
However if you are unable to find a mirror that matches your decor exactly, use the element of contrast to your advantage.
This should only be used as either a last resort or to create a contemporary or posh effect.
While there is a vast assortment of finishes available, there are a few standard materials used when frames are created.
Most mirrors are framed with one of the following materials: -Bamboo -Metal -Wood -Stained Glass Modern decorative mirrors sometime use a combination of two or more materials when creating a frame.
It is also common to see mirrors framed in jewels, flowers or leaves.
When you decide to use a mirror framed in jewels or stones, it is best to use it against a plain wall in a room with minimal decorative distractions.
The last factor to consider when selecting a framed mirror is the size.
If you have smaller furniture, you would want a mirror that agrees with the décor.
You do not want your mirror to overpower the overall style of your place.
There is also the option to use an assortment of mirrors of different sizes.
As you can see framed mirrors are available in several materials and shapes.
Upgrade your home décor today with a framed mirror!

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