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LED street lights manufacturer-----BLUEBOO LED Lighting

Established in November 2006,Shenzhen Blueboo Lighting Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as BLUEBOO),is a high-tech company that specializes in the research and development of LED Lighting. We're a leading company in the domestic market and the LED lighting industry.

As a LED lighting manufacturer, BLUEBOO focuses on developing LED intelligent system and municipal lighting products, which provides customers with various LED lighting solutions to help customers develop new products rapidly. Our products are widely used in many fields, such as municipal engineering, office lighting, outdoor lighting, solar energy lighting, adjustable lighting, control system, etc.

BLUEBOO adheres to "specialty, concentration and focus" as the company's management principle, which provides customers with high-quality products and solutions
by continuous innovation. As a leading manufacturer in the LED industry, we believe that with the support of customers and partners, BLUEBOO will offer our customers more professional, qualified and satisfactory products and services, and create higher value for our customers and partners in return.

The company specializes in producing products with high efficiency and energy conservation, aiming for:street lighting at new villages; street lighting at schools and factories; street lighting for development zones and municipal main-branch lines; street lighting for town and country, park sightseeing, tourist attractions, residential areas.

According to the requirement of lighting in the countryside, schools, factories, development zones and municipal roads, BLUEBOO offers overall service from design, research and development to production. BLUEBOO's LED product families include LED outdoor lights, solar LED lights, downlights, LED sopt lights and LED household lights. In addition, LED outdoor lights are made up of LED street lights and LED garden lights. Solar LED lights are divided into solar LED street lights and solar LED garden lights. LED spot lights contain bulbs, GU10, MR16, PAR38, PAR30 and AR111. All of chips  used to produce LED products are selecting CREE original chips. CREE is a famous LED chip manufacturer from US, their products are made from SiC, GaN, Si and related compound. Its unique advantage for materials, all products are of high stability, very competitive in global. so the LED products of Blueboo are high-quality products. Any quality problem hasn't happened to installation and operation of the solar street lights for three consecutive years in Blueboo, which offers overall technical support. LED lights have lots of significant advantages compared to troditional lights.

. Life span:=50,000 hours
. Unique Secondary optical design,covers the required lighting areas with LED light, which further improves the illumination efficiency and saves energy.
. Excellent quality: all circuit and power adopt high-quality component. Each LED has solo over current protection.
. Features of LED street light: unipolarity, no diffussion, high luminous efficiency.
. Convenient installation: Don't need to install optical fiber additionally,and don't need rectifier. Lights can suit the original devices.
. Color attenuation: LED street light, LM wane=3%/year,can achieve the standard of road illumination after used 10 years; however, high voltage sodium light's LM wane=30%/year.So LED street light's power design is lower than high voltage sodium light.
. LED street light has automatic control energy-saving system, which can satisfy different time period illumination requirements. It reduces power and saves electricity as much as possible.
. High Luminous Efficacy: chip=100 LM, can save energy for over 75% compared with traditional HPS.
. LED is low voltage device, driving each LED voltage is safe voltage. Single LED power is 1W, so it is a safer power supply than high-tension power supply, widely used in the public places (such as street lighting, factories and mines lighting, automobile lighting, civil lighting, etc.)

With the rapid development of economy and expanding demand for energy, energy shortage has seriously affected rapid economic development in China.Then full development and utilization of energy-saving products becomes energy strategic decision of sustainable development around the world. The LED products get customers and social recognition with high brightness and low cost. Carrying out "energy conservation project" will continue to help people to understand the LED products, then LED products will be popularized in every corner of the society. Then the development prospect of BLUEBOO that specializes in the research and development of LED products are bright and hopeful,and the aim to be a star manufacturer in the LED industry will come true.

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