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Never Stop Learning - Join our educational community and help keep the cycle going is a community of students who want to do more with their research papers and essays than just write them for an assignment. What good does all your time and research do when these term papers are never seen again or read again after the grade is received.  Let others benefit from your work and research by using your work as a reference for their own essays or as an example "how-to."

We are NOT an essay paper mill, and we do NOT condone Plagiarism. Our site is a community of essays written by students for students who contribute their research papers for example and reference. If you are using another student's work, then you must cite them and give them credit for their work.

We have essay examples for students in high school, college, grad school, and more; and on just about every subject imaginable. Also, you can see the grade that was received for the paper.  You can search the site using keywords for the topic you are researching. So, whether you are writing a short essay for your high school English class, or if you are writing your final dissertation for your doctorate degree, we have examples for you to look over and/or use for reference.

Teachers and professors are confident that student's who use Open Research Paper will continually be increasing their own knowledge base and understanding of subjects because the students will be able to build upon the research, ideas, and knowledge that is already there. So stop spending hours of your precious time researching material that someone before you has already researched. Keep the knowledge growing by using prior research as a reference (be sure to cite it and give proper credit) and then expand on the subject matter with your own research and take on the matter. As Sir Francis Bacon said, "Knowledge is Power." The students of today are going to be the leaders of tomorrow, so let's make sure they have the knowledge to succeed.  Don't let any of your time spent on those essays go to waste. Submit your research paper or essay and keep the cycle going. 

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