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Unleash the Power of Your Mind

You have a thought "I want an iPod".
What's the next thought? "Do I have the money to buy it?"   If yes, then you got what you want.
  If no, then what kind of thoughts goes through your mind? "I have no money" "I can't afford it" "I don't really need it" "It's too expensive"   Are you aware of all the excuses and doubts the mind just created? "I can't", "I don't" etc.
If its something you really really want.
This simple technique is all you need to do.
  Just replace the negative words with action words that will get you what you want! How's does it work? Think back when you were a kid.
How did you eventually get what you want? When you wanted an ice cream what did you do? Cry? Yell? Beg? Find change? Ask Daddy?   Instead of the thought "I have no money" replace it with "I want some money to buy a iPod.
" Instead of the next thought "But, I have nothing in the bank now" replace it with "What can I do now to get a iPod?"   Basically every time your thoughts created an excuse or doubt.
You have to know you just thought of an excuse and then simply replace that excuse or doubt with an action word or sentence that contains no excuses or doubt.
  Here's another example: Your thought "I want a million bucks".
Next thought "Where is it?", "Where's my money?", "I can't make a million buck", "I don't have the education", "I am poor", "I am not smart enough", "Only smart people makes money", etc.
  Do you see or aware of what your thoughts are doing or thinking?   Again as soon the excuses or doubts comes up simply catch yourself saying it.
Then replace or think of an action word right away.
"Yes", "Wow", "This is going to be great", "This is what I am going to do", "How do the rich do it?", "Who can I talk to that can help me?", "I am going to do some research at the library", "I will ask a successful business owner what he did to make it successful", "I am applying for a business license today", "I got the phone # to call my accountant", etc.
  Your mind will do and act on what ever thoughts you FOCUS on.
That's how the mind works.
You think you can't then you can't.
You think you can then you can.
It is that fast your thoughts in a split second.
  Here's the recap:
  1. Thought comes up with an excuse or doubt.
  2. Catch the thought of the excuse or doubt.
  3. Replace it quickly with an action thought.
Once you get the hang of it.
Guess what? There nothing your mind can't do.
  Final thought: It is not the destination that matters, it's enjoying every step of the way of getting there.
Because once you get there you start the whole process again.

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