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There"s Thousands of Dollars in Those Names!

So what's the worst thing you can do with your online business?

Not having an Opt In Form on your website will cost you thousands
of dollars in profit! When people sign up to your list,
it is a targeted audience that is interested in what you have to
say and more likely will act upon your recommendation.

Without a list, no subscribers, no action, no money.

With your online goals, plan to capture your visitor's details.

Plan to capture a visitor's contact details, in exchange for a
free offer such as an eBook, eZine or a quality product.

Your subscription form should be easy to find, and visible on
every page on your website, front and back page of your ebook.

And make it appealing for your targeted prospect to sign up.

Give them a good reason why and what they are signing for.

Don't just say, "Sign up for our free newsletter"...Boring.

People value their privacy, you have to attract them with benefits
not the features. For example, 'Sign up for a free 7 day eCourse
that will easily and quickly triple your traffic and sales overnight.'

But re-assure your prospects that their details a
re treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Once a prospect leave their details and downloads the offer,
your Autoresponder will automatically record the email address
of each visitor.

This is the beginning of your Opt In List which effectively gives
you permission to email them further to build that all important

If you can do this over a period of time, you will have build
a list of thousands of targeted prospects.

Autoresponders allows you to be personal with your list. So make
sure you focus on the following-

1) Pre draft 'Thank you' Letters acknowledging the prospect's
interest with the details of the download of your offer or confirming
subscription to your ezine, newsletter, ecourse or report.

Also, on the 'Thank You' letter, promote one of your affiliate
program, resell products or your own product.

2) Set up your autoresponder at intervals to automatically send out
your Pre written emails containing information on your products,
latest offers, ecourse, announcements that will benefit your list.

3) Always address your list by their first name.
Your autoresponder should have automatically picked up the prospects
first name at sign up stage.

4) Keep it simple and interesting. Use Short sentences.

Therefore focus on building an Opt In List for long term gain.
An Opt In List gives you that line of communication with your audience.
Continually Offer your prospects valuable information and new offers.
The more your own subscribers knows you, the more trust you'll have.

As always, PLAN to provide information first and then gently craft
into your writing a 'Call to Acton' for prospects to buy the

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