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Animated Reading & Spelling Sites for Kids

    Book Pop

    • Book Pop Virtual Literature ( are animated online books that encourage children to read. The animated books on this site include "Barely There," "Flutterbytes" and "Trolls." The "Story Pop" series is made up of a collection of animated audio stories written and narrated by Stephen Cosgrove. The animated stories in this collection include "The Giggle Snitcher," "Ruby and Sputters," "Pricilla,'' 'Prancer," "Grampa Sam," "Hannah GoBrightly," "Jacob JingleHinder," "Finnigan FireWing" and "Snively and Snarly" from "Snuffin Chronicles."


    • Scholastic ( is an interactive reading and learning site specifically created to help children learn to read. It features animated stories such as "Clifford The Big Red Dog," "Word Girl," "Maya & Miguel," "Magic School Bus" and "39 Clues." (All of these are well-known cartoon TV shows.) The site caters to children who are early readers and gives them the opportunity to learn phonics, play spelling games and become engaged in reading by using the fun interactive stories.

    Kids Spell

    • Kids Spell ( offers free spelling games and activities that kids will enjoy. The site contains spelling lists in a game format that comes in three types of spelling games, including easy, basic and difficult games. The easy spelling games are Spellasauraus, Spelloons and Missing Letter Match. The basic spelling games include Paddle Vowels, Sound Hound, Out of the Barn, Spelling Booty, Honey Pots and Rain on Me. More difficult spelling games for older children include Spellify 5000, Cast a Spell, The Spelliriums, Letter Drop and Scramblers.

    Quiz Tree - Sight Words

    • Quiz Tree ( offers sight words -- also referred to as the Dolch Word List -- that comprises some of the most commonly used words in the English language. The Quiz Tree website offers animated games such as Sight Words In Space, Site Words Bubbles, Site Words Sentence Builder and Sight Words Unscramble. Each game is animated and gives kids the opportunity to learn various words and read sentences by playing the various animated games, quizzes and puzzles.

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