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Indoor Games to Play in the Living Room

    • Sitting in front of the television or computer for hours is unhealthy, uncreative, and generally unproductive. If you're stuck inside on a rainy day or with nothing to do, consider playing an indoor game. You don't need a lot of equipment to have fun inside. Grab a friend or even the whole family and enjoy a game or two together.


    • An old favorites, charades requires nothing but you, a few friends, and some creativity. Choose a category--for example, movie titles--and split into teams You can also play as individuals if you like, but teams create exciting competitive tension. The object of charades is to act out the words in your chosen category without speaking within a given period of time (usually one or two minutes) while your teammate(s) tries to guess what the words are. The opposing team will choose what you must act out. For example, if your category is movie titles, and you receive "Lethal Weapon", you must use whatever gestures necessary to make your teammate(s) guess this title before the time is up. At the end of the game, the team with the most correct guesses wins.


    • Pictionary tests players' drawing skills and usually gets everyone laughing at the silly results. Although you can buy the game of Pictionary in stores, you don't actually need it in order to play. Buy a medium-size dry-erase or chalkboard, cut up small squares of paper (big enough to fit a word or phrase) and split into teams. On each square, write a word or phrase that an opposing team member will have to illustrate on the board within a set time limit. Examples of possible words/phrases: "Audrey Hepburn," "going the extra mile," "cutting board." You can write just about anything on the paper, the more challenging, the more entertaining the game will be.

    Musical Chairs

    • This classic kids game is often fun for adults as well. It works best for groups of at least 10 or so. Add up the number of players you have and subtract one. This is number of chairs you will need. Create a large space and set up the chairs in two rows facing away from each other but with their backs' touching. To play, players walk in a circle around the chairs while music plays. Players walk around the chairs until the music stops. When the music stops, each player must try to sit in a chair. Since there is one chair less than the total number of players, someone will be left without a chair. This person is now out of the game. To continue, remove one chair and repeat the game. Eventually, only two people and one chair will remain. The last person to sit successfully wins.

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