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Solar Technician Training


    • Solar panels use the photovoltaic process to convert the sun's energy into electricity. In the 1950s, the first silicon solar cell came to exist. Although born, the solar energy market did not expand tremendously until the 1970s with the energy crisis.

    Nature of Work

    • Training creates a hands-on environment where those in school learn proper techniques to install and construct solar collectors. This involves multiple facets, including learning passive systems, active systems, sun radiation concentration and pump/fan installation.

    Schooling Options

    • Variant from place to place, solar technician training is generally offered through community colleges, trade schools and vocational schools.


    • Training lasts anywhere from several months to a year, depending upon the school that is attended. Schools normally offer a certificate of completion upon finishing the required courses.

    Courses Offered

    • For schools that offer longer programs or associate degrees, classes range from theoretical to practical. Students take photo-voltaics, science, math, solar architecture and installation classes.

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