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Struggling with List building.

List building has been said to be the most important item in building up your internet business. If you haven't yet noticed the thousands and thousands of free items available out there then you need glasses. Unless you are brand new to the system. From my part I am very glad that the free system is operating so hectically out there.

Why you need a list.

A very true fact is that the vast majority of people very rarely buy on their first visit to a site. Now it could be argued that if you really were interested in a product you would save the link and go back at a later date to buy it. I have done that, so it is true, and to be honest I have yet to buy an item that is repeatedly thrown at me in email form. But the truth of the matter is that the bigger your list the more you can sell to the people in your list. It needn't be that first item the buyer saw, it could be another option that you can show him, or a third. You could get more details out of them and aim products at them in a more focused way. With a list the options are endless.

But you do need to get a list. How you get it, and how you use it is your own planning, but why throw away the chance to lose a potential buyer.

Take advantage - use the system.

Now here is a thing that I am enjoying immensely. I have given out my email to hundreds of guys with the sole intent to see what they are up to. Firstly I am seeing what they are offering, and some of it I am taking, thank you.

Secondly I am seeing squeeze pages on a daily basis. How much easier is it to learn how to make up a good squeeze page?

I am seeing thank you pages, and learning, I am seeing the many different fonts and styles used. Just how the different types of auto responders are working is an education to me. Thanks guys. It has all been for free. And very well done too. On the other side I am also seeing which I am already tending to not read at all, and some of them are even starting to irritate me.

The most important item that I am going to concentrate on, on my list, is people skills. If my list gets to feel like they are my friends, or at worst, a good source of information, then I am a huge winner. That is the most important fact of all.

I would love to be able to "out" the list guys that are huge in the industry and are seriously working on my nerves. Ever better the others that are doing a good job, and there are only a few of those.
So - Learn, copy, delete. This free listbuilding education I have received has been great, but they will almost all get deleted. So please try to build up your own list with this in mind.

Finally my ending comment about list building is this. Why the hell not?

If you have gone to the trouble of getting a prospect to click on your product, then please for your own sake take the time to politely offer him the chance to allow you to keep him informed and up to date with the type of item he searched for in the first place.
If you give them a choice they are less likely to remove you at the other end. The great part of this is somewhere down the line you already have the basis of an ezine that on its own could earn you huge money alone on Adsense and advertising.
Way cool. Take care.

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