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The Celebration of The Luau - History, Traditions and Best Waikiki"s Luau Packages

The islands of Hawaii are rich in tradition, culture, and spirituality. At one time religious taboos enforced restrictions with disallowed people of the opposite sex to dine together. Not only that, certain foods were denied to common folk and women as well.

These religious taboos were in place for centuries until King Kamehameha II and his wife Queen Kaahumanu brought about some changes. These changes took place in 1819, whereas a celebration called a luau became into effect. This luau or feast symbolized the end of religious taboos during meals, and the women and commoners were thrilled beyond measure.

These feasts or royal luau became a customary thing and were held to commemorate celebrations of all kinds. A luau often took place to celebrate birthdays and coronations and contained many traditional Hawaiian dishes such as poi, a dish made from taro root that has been pounded. Other traditional dishes included saltwater fish, coconuts, pork, fresh fish, and even chicken.

In today's world, luaus are still significant; however, royalty does not put them on. A luau is often considered one of the highlights of a Hawaiian vacation. Most luaus are exceptional shows that are put for tourists, most of them are part of a holiday package and are presented by local organizations that specialize in hosting such feasts. Each of the Hawaiian Islands has their own luau hosts.

For those who are traveling to the islands of Hawaii, attending one of the Luaus is a must thing to do! This is a unique event that allows you to embrace Hawaiian culture, enjoy food prepared in a true Hawaiian style, enjoy incredible performance while sipping on a drink presented in a fresh pineapple or a coconut. What can be better?

One of the highlights of the luau is the roast pork or Kalua Puaa, which is roasted in an underground pit where it has been baking all day! This underground pit is lined with logs and rocks, layered with banana leaves between the foods, and then covered. The pit is also covered and after 6-10 hours, dinner is ready.

There is also a ceremonial blowing of musical instruments to signify that the food is ready. Not only do the revelers feast on traditional Hawaiian delicacies during the luau, native bands that play traditional Hawaiian music provide exceptional entertainment.

The luau is a celebration of tradition, culture, and history of the Hawaiian people. It is a celebration of food, songs, and stories that everyone enjoys. This event is one of the main attractions for travelers to take part in. Based on many reviews, Waikiki Starlight Luau is one of the best luau dinner / shows on Oahu.

For those of you who are interested in taking a vacation to Hawaii, the Embassy Suites Waikiki which is located on the island of Oahu is offering a Luau Package that includes two free tickets to the Waikiki Starlight Luau at Hilton Hawaiian Village. This package is only available to those who book a stay in the hotel for seven nights or more. The price of these tickets is regularly $200.00, so this is significant savings for you. At the Waikiki Starlight Luau, attendees will enjoy a Hawaiian Luau as well as entertainment. They will also enjoy engaging activities and games like hula lessons, pineapple toss and a conch blowing challenge.

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