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Raising a Healthy Siberian Husky Puppy

Dogs have always been known as man's best friend and one of the many dogs that have been associated with this anagram is the husky.
A distant cousin of the wolf due to its features, the husky is one of the best companion dogs that you can own and today this article will talk about raising a healthy Siberian husky puppy.
The breed of dog is known for its dense coat and genetically, it belongs to the Spitz family of dogs.
Because its forefathers came from the harsh and wintry conditions of eastern Siberia, these dogs are quite hardy and extremely resilient, which is why most people in the northern regions use these dogs as either sled drivers or as guard dogs to warn them of oncoming trespassers or the advent of other, more dangerous predators.
From this harsh background, the Siberian husky is now more known as a valuable family dog as well as one that is being more frequently entered into dog shows all over the world.
The Siberian husky is quite well known for being a dog that is literally just a bottle of excitement.
They are one of the most energetic breed of dogs which require a low of space and a lot of patience because they need a lot of exercise.
This is especially true of the puppies, which will be constantly seen running around and chasing dust bunnies all day long.
You would be surprised that a dog with such an infamy for having a mean temperament is actually quite gentle and devoted, especially to children.
This is why they have gained quite a bit of popularity as a family pet.
One of the things that you need to take of is that obedience training is a good thing to start early in this breed of dogs, as they are naturally quite dominant and stubborn dogs when they grow up.
Pet experts recommend a few minutes of obedience a day when they reach a suitable age and this will ensure that they are much more docile and obedient when they grow up to a full adult.
They are also quite the showboat and combined with an intelligence that is almost uncanny, means they are able to understand and absorb new tricks and skills quite fast - with always a need to show it off at opportunity.
The health of your puppy is really largely down to genetics, but keeping it healthy and happy, providing the dog with enough pet vitamins, good sources of food and plenty of activity will ensure that it will stay in the pink of health for as long as possible.
Like many other breed of dogs, the breed of Siberian husky can fall prey to genetic diseases and this is usually out of control.
They come naturally in old age.
But don't worry, even as puppies, Siberian Huskies are extremely strong, being known to be used for races in the Northern part of the world.
So raising a healthy Siberian husky puppy is quite easy - and it will be a welcome addition to any puppy.

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