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How to Repair an Automobile Plastic Bumper Cover

    • 1). Clean the surface with soap and water. Dry it completely with a cloth.

    • 2). Sandpaper the surface until the paint is removed on top and surrounding the damage, leaving only the plastic exposed.

    • 3). Paint on a thin layer of adhesion promoter.

    • 4). Cut the patch to the correct size for the damage. Leave at least 1 inch more material all around the patch. This will allow you to cover the damage and more of the surrounding area completely.

    • 5). Heat the patch using the dryer or heat gun until it begins to soften and becomes flexible. Do not overheat it.

    • 6). Take the paper backing off of the patch and place it over the damage. Quickly begin to mold it into the correct shape over the damage. It will begin to cool fairly quickly. Allow it to cool completely.

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