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How to Export Mail Items From Entourage to Outlook 2010

    • 1). Launch Microsoft Entourage on your Mac computer, and click the email folder located in the left side menu.

    • 2). Drag and drop the folder to your Mac's desktop to copy the folder out of the application. The computer saved the folder as an mbox file on the desktop.

    • 3). Insert the USB drive into your Mac's USB port, and double-click the USB volume icon on the desktop.

    • 4). Drag and drop the mbox file to the USB window. The mbox file copies to the USB drive and is permanently stored on the removable device.

    • 5). Drag and drop the USB volume icon to the trash on the desktop to remove the USB drive.

    • 6). Remove the USB drive from the USB port, and then insert it into the PC's USB port.

    • 7). Click "Windows" in the bottom-left corner of the desktop, and then click "Computer." Double-click "Removable Drive," and drag the mbox file to the desktop.

    • 8). Launch Outlook 2010 on your PC. Click the "File" menu at the top of the program. Click "Import and Export," and then click "Import from another program or file." Click "Next" and locate the mbox file in the pop-up dialog box. Click "OK" to add the folder to Outlook.

    • 9). Click "Safely Remove Hardware" on the task bar in the screen's lower-right corner, and then click "Eject USB Mass Storage." Remove the USB drive from the computer.

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