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Solutions to Stop Bullying in School

    Parental Involvement

    • Establish a comfortable line of communication with your child in order to gain his trust, and pay attention to what he has to say. Once you gain this trust, ask more delicate questions such as, "So, is Billy a friend or does he make fun of you at school?" or "Are you being teased at school?" Once you know who is bullying your child, consult the school administrative staff for further action.

    Multicultural Education

    • Intolerance and ignorance toward different cultures can be a major contributor to bullying. Educating youth at an early age about different races and cultures can prevent or stop bullying in school. Presentations and seminars about different religions, races and cultures can create a sense of unity among schoolmates and lead to acceptance and tolerance toward peers of other nationalities. To create a more exciting learning experience, plan a multicultural day where that includes a meal of different cultural foods and multicultural performances. Showing students that other cultures are exciting and similar to their own can eliminate ignorance and bullying.

    Detection and Intervention

    • Keep your eyes and ears open for bullying activity while walking down the halls of the school. Most students who are bullied are afraid to seek help because they may be bullied more or have a social stigma associated with having adults fight their battles for them. If you are an educator who detects bullying activities, take the student being bullied to an isolated location and assure him that the intervention between the staff and the bully will be strictly confidential.

    Creating Awareness

    • By writing a newsletter, creating a website or starting a bully prevention program, you can educate students, teachers and parents about how to spot bullying activity and where to seek help. Since bullying behavior develops early on in school, addressing the issue and creating awareness from the start can prevent or stop bullying in schools. Educate your readers about the different kinds of bullying, such as stalking, intimidation, racial harassment, threatening and physical violence. In the website or newsletter, include ways they can obtain help and whom to call.

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