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Home Automation Bathroom Projects

Got time on your hands and looking for a project for the weekend. Why not expand the capabilities of your home automation system. These fun projects for the bathroom are easy to do and a great way to make your weekend more productive.

Turn The Bathroom Fan Off Automatically

If your house is like most homes, people leave the bathroom fan on when they leave the room. Although this might be considerate, it can also waste costly electricity.

An easy home automation solution that will save you money is to install a timer on the bathroom fan that automatically turns off after a preset time. If you’re worried about the fan turning off while someone is still present, use a motion detector to override the timer when someone is still in the bathroom.

Set An Alarm On The Medicine Cabinet

Do you have little ones you’re worried about getting into the medicine cabinet? Concerned those houseguests might be a little too curious? Using a wireless door sensor you can create either an audible or silent alarm to notify you when the medicine cabinet door has been opened. If your home automation system has the capability to communicate with your cell phone, you can even send yourself a text message.

Wake Up Your Towel Warmer Before You Get Up

Towel warmers are a great way to turn a regular bathroom into a spa. There is nothing like stepping out of the shower and having a nice warm towel to dry off with. Unfortunately most towel warmers don’t have built-in timers and give you two options, plug them in when you need them or leave them on all the time.

Using a home automation plug-in appliance module, you can program your towel warmer to come on 30 minutes before you wake up and to turn off after you’ve gone to work.

Install A Wireless Intercom

Have you ever gotten out of the shower only to discover there are no clean towels hanging on the towel bar? Did you try hollering to your spouse in another part of the house, hoping to get his or her attention? Install a wireless intercom in the bathroom and you'll never have that problem again. After you finish this project you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one.

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