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All About the World"s Biggest Qur"An

A Qur'an That's...
Handwritten? One very interesting thing about the biggest Qur'an ever in the whole world is the fact that everything in it is written by hand.
Now, who would have thought of doing such a painstaking task? Well, we only have these people to thank for making sure that the Qur'an will once more be remembered as a respectable item and not as something that is despicable and is the reason for the many terror attacks in the world that have been brought about by people who happened to be Moslms.
The Biggest Qur'an's Dimensions The biggest Qur'an in the world boasts of a height of 8 feet and a width of five feet.
It has a weight of 45,000 kilograms, which is equal to 45 metric tons! Each page is very heavy too, with one even weighing 40 kilograms.
In fact, one would be needing a truck or a hydraulic engine to be able to carry the biggest qur'an.
And the really interesting thing about it is, each detail in the biggest qur'an were all painstakingly made by hand, from the text content of the Qur'an, to the borders, up to the other designs that surround the Holy Book.
Another interesting feature is the hundreds of millions of wheat straws on it which served as the medium for the handiwork.
Really fantastic.
The world's biggest Qur'an has already been set on public display for many places around the globe.
These are all part of the traveling exhibit project spearheaded by the Islamic Multimedia Corporation or the IMC, as well as a group called Why Islam.
The traveling exhibit is meant to tell people about what the Qur'an is all about, as well as to help boost the morale of their Moslem brothers and sisters who have long felt degraded since some in their fold began to enter the world of terrorism.
Why the Biggest Qur'an? So, some people might wonder why a qur'an and not a giant mosque or an image of their Allah was made the subject for boosting the morale of Moslems.
Well, that's basically because of all the things associated with Islam, it is the Holy Qur'an that they really give so much reverence and respect to.
That is because it is the basis of everything that they are doing at the moment.
The practice of wearing the burqa for women, of not eating pork, and of kneeling and bowing heads low in prayer are all presented as principles in their Holy Book, so that is why they give so much reverence to it.

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