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The Power Of Generosity

What is it with generous people? We all know the type, they are always at the latest fund raising dinner, bidding on art they don't like - just because of the charity, and just always willing to help others out.
Have you ever noticed how they are the ones that always seem to be successful, happy and have opportunities that seem to just fall into their laps? Is it just chance? I don't think so, I think that there power that comes with generosity.
Here are 3 Keys to why generosity unlocks success and opportunities: 1.
If you help others, others will want to help you (or feel they have too) There are two types of ways people respond to generosity: Those that accept gratefully, and are truly thankful for the time and effort you have taken to help them and they want to return the favour - by either using your services themselves or offering your service to others (The art of referrals) Those that accept your service but them feel begrudged to repay their debt to you.
This attitude could be for a number of reason, but most probably due to their up bring - being taught not to trust people, and nothing is free.
I have an excellent example of the first one point taking place in something that happened to me just this morning.
I have been hosting the website for a Ladies Conference that has quarterly events with over 500 people at them, because my mother is part of the committee and they were trying to keep their costs down.
It didn't really bother me as I have a reseller account and it was just unused space, and I have been hosting the website for about a year now.
The main lady running the conference asked my mother who was doing the hosting and when she relied that it was me, the lady said that my website design business was now classified as a sponsor of the event and will get to have my logo displayed on a rotating slide show at this meeting, as well as having my business cards placed in the bag of every single attendee.
This opportunity would never have happened if I had not given what had such little value to me, but so much to someone else.
Happy People Talk About You You know those little jobs that take a couple of minutes for you to do, but for the everyday Joe or Jane Blogs it is just a major hassle? Well next time you have someone ask you for help, do it promptly and cheerfully and tell them not to worry about paying you.
They will be surprised and grateful.
I bet if you could hear their conversations over the next couple of days they would have told a multitude of their friends and family about this amazing person that fixed the problem they had been trying to fix for days in a couple of minutes and then wouldn't let me pay him.
I'm sure they would also be telling their friends that if they ever need someone in the field you work in, that you are the one to call.
There is nothing better then a genuine referral from a close personal friend - money cannot but this type of advertising.
It gives you genuine credibility and trust.
Generous People See Opportunities Where Others See Hassles Generous people are always looking for new ways to be generous, whether it be like my mother helping on the Women's Conference committee or a young dad offering to coach his sons soccer team.
These are things that most people might consider hassles, but stop and think of the opportunities to network that come from these 'hassles'.
Although most truly generous people do not give of themselves to gain more back for themselves, they position themselves in a way that it just naturally happens.

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