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Why Do Women Leave Men - And How to Get Yours Back

Why Do Women Leave Men - And How to Get Yours Back

A poem once said, 'Man's love is of man's life a thing apart, 'Tis woman's whole existence.' Women, as a rule, are generally more concerned about their personal relationships than men. Surprisingly then, a survey found that while women are natural homemakers and try to do everything to nurture their relationships, they also file for separation twice as often as men!

So, why do women leave men?

There are a number of complex reasons, but here are some of the more common ones:

Lack of attention: Neglect is perhaps the #1 reason for women to leave their men. Women simply cannot bear for their men to be indifferent, uncommunicative and undemonstrative. Every woman thrives on the feeling that she is needed. She needs constant affirmation, not only in words, but in gestures and actions. Unfortunately, many men just don't get 'neglect'. They understand abuse, fraud and criminal behavior; but they just do not understand what she means when she says that 'he no longer cares!'

Cheating: When men cheat, women pack up their bags and leave. Most women feel unable to trust a man once he has given her the slip. It is very difficult for her to come to terms with the fact that he has had his needs 'serviced' somewhere else. This one is a definite nail in the coffin of your relationship. On second thoughts, make that half a dozen nails!

Emotional claustrophobia: Some men get too close for comfort when it comes to 'their' women. They become possessive and insanely jealous the moment she talks to another man or woman. That makes a woman feel controlled. In this day and age, no woman can stand being told what to do or how she is to live her life. If you want control, become a traffic police!

Unresolved disputes: When it comes to hurt feelings and fights, women have it all hard coded into their hard disks, while men have it on their RAMs. So, it is natural for a man to forget all about the argument or fight he had with her the previous day, but a woman will carry it with her if she feels that it is not resolved. Frequent fights and too many unresolved battles between the couple will ultimately lead to the woman throwing up her hands in despair.

A woman gives much of herself when she is in a relationship. So, it is only natural that she expects a lot in return too. If your woman left you, take a few minutes to figure out why she did it. Then, take the steps needed to correct them.

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