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Job Description of a Pharmaceutical Company Sales Manager


    • Most pharmaceutical sales managers train subordinates to establish business-to-business relationships. Sales reviews are conducted each week to see if the company has met goals concerning order fulfillment, customer service and the establishment of new accounts. The manager must establish and maintain a good working relationship with his or her sales team. Institutional sales managers are responsible for large corporate accounts which may be handled by several people on the sales team.

    Job Features and Functions

    • Pharmaceutical sales managers spend a lot of time on the road assisting the sales force or visiting old clients. They also assist the sales force to establish new clientele. Sales managers spend time representing their company at medical seminars, conferences and trade shows. A sales manager must stay up-to-date about their company's products and be able to introduce new product lines to their sales team. In addition, the pharmaceutical sales manager participates in company-sponsored meetings to objectives, goals and strategies concerning sales goals and profitability.

    Work Environment

    • The work environment for a pharmaceutical sales manager is fast-paced. A sales manager usually works out of an office but can also travel extensively. A pharmaceutical sales manager may also work weekends or be called in suddenly to help a member of the sales team in a negotiation or purchasing issue.

    Required Skills

    • A pharmaceutical sales manager must have excellent oral and written communication skills and a desire to motivate a sales team. A sales manager should create a team goal environment, have a persuasive attitude, be goal-oriented and understand a client's needs. Problem-solving skills are a must for a pharmaceutical sales manager. Business skills, as well as knowledge of marketing, computer applications, accounting, and administration are also required.

    Educational Requirements and Salary

    • Obtaining a Bachelor's degree in business management with an emphasis in marketing can help an individual seeking a career as a pharmaceutical sales manager. According to www.payscale .com, as of June 2010, the average annual median salary for a pharmaceutical sales manager (which is closely related to an account sales manager designation) with 5 to 9 years of experience is between the range of $40,237 to $63,374.

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