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How to Eat Until Satisfied and Still Lose Weight

If you have a round figure referred to as a potbelly or spare tire, you store more fat in and around your abdominal organs.
Excess fat in your abdomen is the leading cause of unhealthy conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and other risk factors.
This is the area most affected by excess weight.
According to an article at Webmd, the waist measurement for women should fall below 35 inches and for men should be less than 40 inches.
If you have a large waist circumference you need to lose weight.
Simmons wrote a manuscript entitled Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity where he indicated that one of the causes of obesity is eating infrequently and having extremely large meals.
In our fast paced society, we generally eat three large meals that contain more food than the body needs.
In addition, we eat more fast food The body stores this surplus which creates fat deposits.
How can you eat until satisfied and lose weight? Alternatives to Overeating •Plan your meals •Reduce your portions •Eat a healthy snack between meals •Eat food slowly •Drink plenty of water In an interview featured on Web MD with Dr.
James O.
Hill entitled "Getting Started With a Weight Loss Plan", the Dr.
indicated that in trying to learn how people manage to lose large amounts of weight, 70 pounds or more, they found some common factors.
•These people tend to do a lot of physical activity •They tend to eat less •They follow a low-fat diet and pay attention to overall calories •They self-monitor by weighing themselves and keep periodic food diaries.
The benefits are that you will feel better about yourself as well as enjoy better health.
Start your transformation today by keeping track of the food you eat and increasing physical activities.

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