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Jerusalem Jewish Holy Sites

There's something very special in Jerusalem for Jewish people.
I don't really know what it is, but when you walk around the streets of the old city - this feels like home.
This feels like a place where your ancestors lived and worked, and a place you should be in as well.
We all say "Leshana habaa byerushalayim", but don't always mean it.
However, if this is the case when you do mean it, and in case you are planning a trip to Jerusalem in the near future - here are a few must see places for those travelling to Jerusalem and haven't been there for quite some time: The Western wall - almost to obvious to mention on an article like this, but of course this is one of the first places to see here.
It is the last remains of the 2nd temple, and a place to express your wishes hopes.
The Sephardic Synagogues - a complex of 4 sepharadic synagogues were built in the heat of the Jewish quarter.
Tsidkiyahoo Cave - a cave dated back to the days of the 2nd temple house.
Legend tells us that King Tsidkiyahu fled from the Babylonians through this cave- to the plains of Jericho.
Western Wall Tunnels - A recently discovered system of underground tunnels right next to the western wall.
Touring these tunnels is a breathtaking experience and must see place for anyone visiting Jerusalem.
David's Tomb - the same building is where - according to tradition - is the place where king David was buried, as well as the hall where the last supper was taken.
Enjoy your visit to Jerusalem!

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