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Mind Control Tricks - Tricks to Control Minds

I have been studying mind control and covert hypnosis tricks for awhile.
Here are a few tactics that I have found throughout my study.
Use words like because Because is a stringing word.
It strings to ideas to one with the idea that they correlate.
The great thing about because is it does not explain why it correlates, others just accept that it does.
For instance "because you are reading this you are learning more and more about covert hypnosis" Is this statement entirely true? Of course not! Just because you are reading this certainly does not mean that you are learning mind control tricks.
It just means that you are plain reading this.
You do not have to be understanding or learning anything.
This tactic seems simple but can be one of the strongest techniques you ever learn.
Pace and lead You can buy entire audio courses on the subject of pacing and leading.
Believe me when I say this is one VAST subject.
So my goal is just to give you the gist of it.
What you want to do is get their mind or subconscious mind in a "yes" state.
To do this describe to them things that are automatically true and then slip in things that maybe are not but sound like they should with the powerful mind control trick of because.
For instance: "As you sit in your chair comfortably listening to me talk about this problem, and you are thinking hard about it.
" This automatically does two things Makes them comfortable, and makes them think hard.
Pretty sneaky trick huh?

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