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Crater Lake National Park - Home to the Deepest Lake in the US

Crater Lake National Park is the nation's 6th oldest National Park and is one of the most visited and coveted tourist attractions in Oregon.
It is 180,000 acres of true wonder and splendor.
Visitors to the park tell stories of how you cannot possibly be prepared for the beauty of the park in person.
Pictures can only offer a limited point of view but seeing it in person can inspire.
The Lake itself provides the main splendor but the surrounding acreage is indeed also a testament to the beauty south central Oregon has to offer its guests.
The volcanic origins of this magnificent lake are obvious in the 2,000 ft sheer cliffs plummeting down into the deep clear blue lake, it is no wonder the park is as big a draw as it is to vacationers and adventurers alike.
Crater Lake National Park lies inside a volcanic basin called a caldera that was created when Mt Mazama collapsed upward of 7,700 years ago.
The park is located at the crest of the Cascade Mountain Range and is just about 100 miles east of the Pacific Ocean.
Crater Lake is considered to be the seventh of the deepest lakes in the world and the deepest in all of the United States at 1,943 feet.
The lakes main water source comes from snow fall which averages 533 inches per year.
People have been visiting Crater Lake National Park for over 100 years and are attracted to it for many reasons not the least are because of its importance as a research center.
Few actually realize that the park is a top notch research center attracting students, teachers, scientists and artists from all over the world.
This unique combination of natural attraction and learning is intended to be the genesis of a lifelong study into the beauty and wonder of the park and how it was formed.
The research center is funded by both public and private funds and is considered by members and staff to be the crowning jewel of Crater Lake National Park.
The park is normally closed through the winter season but you can enjoy its beauty and splendor any other time of the year.
Whether you are a hiker, adventurer, student or just a curious member of the public, Crater Lake National Park will surely leave you breathless and you will remember it for the rest of your life.
Check for opening times.

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